Savar DOHS Central Masjid


Savar DOHS Central Masjid was inaugurated by the Respected Chief of Army Staff of Bangladesh Army on 18 November 2018. The construction works started on 24 December 2019. It will be of 6 Storied with one basement having 34 car parking ports. Initially it will be of two storied and gradually will be 6 storied. On completion of the Masjid it will have total 64100 SFT areas for 6270 Musollees to offer Salah together.

There will be two more Masjid in Savar DOHS. Masjid-2 will be on the Northern Part (In Plot-11, Road-1B) and the Masjid-3 will be on the Western Part of DOHS (In Plot-367 &368, Road-107). Both the Masjid will be of 6 storied In’sha Allah.


Lt Col Md Moazzem Hossain (Retd)



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