Penalty & Rebate on Monthly Subscriptions


Respected Plot Owners Assalamu Alaikum,

Following decisions have been taken in the 6th AGM-2020 on 29 January 202 for your adherence please:

1.  For Adv payment of monthly subscription 5% rebate will be given for a yearly advance payment. If anyone deposit his/her one year monthly subscription by 31 March of every year then 5% Rebate will be given to him/her.

2.  For over dues 10% Late Fee for monthly subscription is introduced from this year -2021. March 31st will be considered as the last date of payment of previous year. Crossing this date without paying your previous year’s monthly subscription,10% penalty will be added to your dues. This 10% penalty will be for every year separately. (ie: If you have dues for 3 years then you pay 10% penalty or late fee for every year on your dues. 1st year dues Tk-3600 +360 +360 + 360 = 4680; 2nd year Tk 3600 + 360 +360 = 4320; 3rd year Tk 3600 +360 = 3960)

3.  You may deposit your dues in the Porishod Account by endorsing your name and plot no. Ensure submission of the deposit slip or copy to the Porishod office at Dhaka Cantonment (Sta HQ) for record ( In case of clearing over dues please add the penalties accordingly.

4.  Only cash or Bank deposit/transfer (including electronic fund transfer mentioning Name and Plot No) is acceptable. But not MFS (mobile financial service).

5.  To inquire your dues please call office superintendent Sgt Amin on#01769091510.

6.   You may deposit in the bank acct as below:

Bank Account Name and No:
Savar DOHS Parishod,
A/C No. 0002-0210416154
TBL  Principal Br


For President



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