Brief History

Savar DOHS was established in the year 2012. It is located adjacent to National Memorials and Savar Cantonment. Road Nabinogar-Baipail- EPZ-Chandra runs on the east and road Nabinagor-Dhamrai-Manikgonj- Aricha runs on the south of the DOHS. Administratively it falls under Ashulia Thana of Savar Upazila.

The area is approximately 72 acres of land which was used as driving track and training ground of army. The area was considered for developing as DOHS in 2009. After completing all necessary formalities government approval was obtained on 03 June 2012.

The initial master plan had 436 residential plots of 5 kathas (400 Sq Yards or 3600 Sft) along with 3 Masjid, 2 playgrounds, 3 water bodies, school and market including number of kid’s zone and green areas. Later the master plan was reviewed and residential plots were increased to 456 where by playground, water body and Masjid were reduced. With the recommendation of Savar DOHS Porishod the master plan was once again reviewed and some changes were made. Now, there are 445 residential plots along with 3 Masjids, 2 playgrounds, 2 water bodies, school and market including number of kid’s zone and green areas. The development works was carried out by Station HQ, Savar and Cantonment Board Savar under the supervision of Area Headquarters, Savar Area. After forming the Savar DOHS Porishod by AHQ in July 2014, the Porishod got involved in the development aspects giving priority on road development and different utility services. With the support of different directorates of AHQ and local formation, the development works got further  impetus.

Utility services along with haring bone bond of all roads completed within very short time. Porishod took special steps to bring this project into a livable condition. Station HQ, Savar along with 3 Engineer Battalion played a significant role to bring this project up to this standard. The first construction work in the project (Plot No – 56) was inaugurated by the Area Commander, Savar on 3 December 2017.