President Message

President Message

Respected Plot/Flat Owners Assalamu Alaikum. Savar DOHS is our “Pride of
Living”. With its own unique features the DOHS is set up in a lush green landscape
away from busy life of metropolitan city. It provides a tranquil, pollution free and secured
living environment. The DOHS aims to offer quality housing to the serving and former
officers of defense forces i. e. the Army, Navy, Air Force and also the personnel in the
Civil, Government and other private services who have affiliation with the defense
It is indeed a great pleasure for me to act as the President of Savar DOHS
Porishod which has on the panel credible names from the defense fraternity and is run
by the most experienced and knowledgeable senior defense officers. We are committed
to work for the development of the Savar DOHS project as well as to activate the
functions of the Porishod office.
The initial challenges of the project were overcome with the necessary
assistance and guidance from Army HQs and Area HQs Savar. We are grateful to the
AHQ, QMG’s Branch for their overall supports and assistance. We are equally grateful
to the Area HQ Savar, Station HQ Savar and Cantonment Board Savar for their
relentless support and supervision for the development of this project. We specially
appreciate the contributions of 3 Engineer Battalion, who brought this project to the level
of starting the construction of the houses. We also appreciate all concern officials and
institutes for their support to this project. We appreciate all plot owners for their patience
and guidance to bring this project up to this standard. The haring bone bond of all
roads, the water supply line with a deep tube well and the laying of sewerage lines in all
along the project have been completed. An independent Electric Sub Station of 11/33
KVA is dedicated for the project. With all the required facilities, the project is fully ready
for the construction. The inauguration of the first construction was conducted on 03
December 2017.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Army HQs for giving me the
opportunity to the fulfillment of this noble pursuit. All members and residents of Savar
DOHS can be assured that the Porishod would put forth its best efforts to facilitate
secured and comfortable living in Savar DOHS without compromising social values,
norms and quality of life.

I take this opportunity also to thank all my fellow members of the Executive
Committee who have been working relentlessly in bringing the project up to the desired

standard. I also request all respected plot owners to assist and cooperate the Porishod
to keep it to your expected standard.
We will remain at your service for all time. Solicit your cooperation as well.

Brigadier General S M Farhad
Savar DOHS Porishod
15 October 2018